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Stand Out Advertisement Campaign

Eager to attract new customers and simultaneously separate ourselves from our competitors, Lumina Communications bought three billboards in the south bay area. It was an uncommon tactic for our industry, but we were intrigued by the potential.

Once the billboards were secured, I started brainstorming possible design ideas. How could we be noticeable and informative to passersby with only seconds to communicate our business value? Eventually, I came up with the “Stand Out” concept. The idea came from my general understanding of the benefit of PR: we help our clients get noticed in crowded markets.


The Brainstorm

To illustrate our value to our clients, I wanted to show a group of familiar…things, but one of those things would be depicted as enhanced or more appealing. In order to stay familiar and relatable, I used an animal theme in which one of a group a similar animals is amplified. I was fortunate to team up with a talented cartoonist and together drew up a bunch of sketches for possible billboards.

The three winners among all our ideas were the meerkat with stilts, the fish hooks with a slab of meat, and the penguin with a flashy suit. Accompanying the illustrations, of course, would be the “Stand Out” slogan and an area on the side with our company information.


The Result

What resulted was three beautiful, branded billboards that quickly articulated Lumina’s value: the ability to help our clients stand out from the crowd.



These ads would also be deployed on San Jose’s VTA trains. The area in between train cars has a large panel that can host advertisements. Although some slight modifications were made to fit the illustrations onto the panels, the effect remained.