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Introducing: ASTRA

My fashion line, ASTRA Clothing, had just finished its spring/summer collection comprising of a series of tanks, t-shirts and hoodies. In order to generate some buzz for the release and the brand, I organized a photoshoot and shot a teaser video featuring the new collection for use on the ASTRA website and our social media channels.

The Brand

ASTRA designs attempt to unify minimal and fierce. The simple, often geometric graphics on essential garments work to elevate the attire in a subtle and sophisticated way. None of my designs are meant to define an entire outfit, but rather supplement an ensemble. ASTRA strives to contribute to your style, not solely define it.

The Location

Based on these brand characteristics, I wanted to find a location for the shoot that contrasted the clean, minimal ASTRA designs, but also contributed to the edgy side of the brand. I had been eying this old, dilapidated parking structure near my office for a while because it had some old fashioned brutalist architecture and exposed pipes with leaky stains. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it, so we scheduled a late night shoot when the lot would be as vacant as possible.

The Result

The shoot produced loads of stunning photos (thanks to photographer, Chris Duarte and model, Nicholas Melton) as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes footage perfect for a promotional video. Since my designs are monochromatic, I decided to pull a lot of the color from the photos in post-production and then went full-on black & white for the video.

The shoot was deemed a success when the collection sold out that summer. See some of the photos below.


Maxime Liberty-Point


Chris Duarte


Nicholas Melton