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Pensa Labs Website Design

In the spring of 2018, the DevOps solution provider Pensa Labs was gearing up to launch the company. Needless to say, their original, single-page website at the time was inadequate and hard on the eyes. With time and budget as a limiting factor, I went to work on offering a new web design solution that was not an extreme makeover, but rather a facelift to what they currently had.

My home page design featured many of the same elements, but polished and enhanced. I reorganized their page to feature their product, Pensa Maestro more prominently and added clear CTAs to drive visitors toward the product or a demo. When it comes to this design, I estimated that 80% of the redesign could be achieved in the stylesheets alone, and with time and money as a concern, that was appetizing to the client.


Maxime Liberty-Point


Pensa Labs